How To Cite A Dissertation In The Chicago Style: 8 Basic Rules

Whenever you are writing any type of academic paper, there will always be a particular format of citation you should follow. If therefore, your dissertation is supposed to be cited in the Chicago style, it becomes necessary that you acquaint yourself with the basic rules of using this particular type of citation. To help you out with this, here are some of the basic rules of citing an academic paper in the Chicago style. They are as follows:

  • Maintain Proper Capitalization: In making sure of this, you need to capitalize the first words in a publication’s title and subtitle. The same rule also applies to the last words and every other major word that makes up the title of the book or publication.

  • Properly List Electronic Sources: If the source of the information you want to cite in your dissertation is from the internet, then it is important that you list the URL. On the other hand, a DOI can also be used. This is the permanent ID which is usually appended to a given address and ultimately leads to the original source of the data.

  • Proper Use Of Abbreviations: When you are citing your academic paper’s sources of information, you should understand how to use certain abbreviations in order not to confuse your target readers. For example, editor is usually abbreviated as ed. or eds. if in plural. This same abbreviation also represents edition.

  • Maintain Proper Order: When you are citing using the Chicago style, you are expected to list your paper’s sources in alphabetical order. Remember that in writing the authors’ names, you need to start with their last names first.

  • Maintain Proper Indentation: When writing out sources in your dissertation, the first line should be typed without any indentation. From the second line, indentation of ½” is used. If you are working with a word processor like MS Word, the hanging indent will come in handy.

  • Maintain Proper Spacing: Unlike the main body of your paper which is double-spaced, the citation page should be typed in single line spacing. However, there should be double line spacing between entries in order to differentiate them.

  • Maintain Proper Punctuation: When you are citing or typing the bibliography, periods should be used in separating major elements of each given entry.

  • Proper Use Of Quotation Marks And Italics: In citing the sources used in writing your dissertation, the titles of journals, websites, and books are typed in italics while the titles of webpages, articles, and chapters are typed within quotation marks.

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