A List Of Health Safety Dissertation Ideas: Make Your Paper Stand Out

Health is a major concern to all persons despite their economic and cultural backgrounds. Many different countries have different levels of health care available as well as different types of treatments. In some countries the health care practices are poorly regulated while in some, more developed countries, the health care system is so regulated it is difficult to find suitably qualified health professionals.

Here is a list of ten health safety ideas for a dissertation:

  1. 1. Sterilization of equipment

    A necessary and risky factor of most medical practices. Improper sterilization of equipment can lead to infections and viral outbreaks. Assess the effectiveness of present sterilization methods and the risk they present.

  2. 2. Qualification

    The success of many medical procedures is based on experience rather than memorized knowledge. How can the ability of a surgeon be assessed before an accident during surgery happens?

  3. 3. Correct assessment

    Different professionals often give different opinions on an individual’s medical condition. Explore the risks of inconsistencies in a doctor’s judgment on the health of a patient.

  4. 4. Correct equipment

    Many medical facilities lack proper equipment, for example a good supply of disposable hypodermic needles. How much does this affect health practices in less developed countries?

  5. 5. Negligence

    Many health institutions are subject to political influence. In areas of extensive governmental corruption, these influences often dictate the the actions of health administrators in attempts to gain favor of different politicians. How can this affect the safety conditions at a hospital?

  6. 6. Distance

    Some communities exist days of travel from hospitals. This poses the risk that many easily treatable conditions often become critical and lives are often lost in transit. What are the health risk of centralized health institutions vs the benefits?

  7. 7. Ignorance

    Many individuals are ignorant of accepted health practices, like vaccination, and are against it. How do these individuals pose a risk to the general public?

  8. 8. Quack

    A lot of health promotions include remedies that haven’t been proven or regulated, yet many people receive this kind of treatment. Explore the possible risk these practices may hold for the general public.

  9. 9. Natural Remedies

    Many naturally occurring plants have medicinal properties. These treatments can complicate a situation for professional medical practitioners. Explore the possible risk natural remedies pose during standard medical procedures.

  10. 10. Illegal procedures

    In some countries, certain procedures are very expensive or even illegal. Explore the risk an individual may face when attempting to receive illegal medical procedures, like abortion.

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