A List Of Impressive Thesis Topics On Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago is one of Boris Pasternak's Nobel Prize winning novels. Doctor Zhivago, is exceptionally successful as the basis of the story portrays strong personalization of characters and the way they can grasp you with their philosophical deep rooted existence.

The story has background of a historical period which matches immensely with the grave mood of Boris’s work. That has been quite an impressive task that the author has been able to create. The extensive nature and the ambience of the novel is fashioned by style and flow of doctor Zhivago.

The story has so many powerful characters along with deep rooted emotions attached with the historical world war period and amongst them that it can be the source for many thesis topics. The relations, the war time necessities, the dilemma, the tension, character sketches and many more points can be the source for your thesis paper. So let us discuss some of the topics.


  • The movie Doctor Zhivago: You can analyse the movie Doctor Zhivago. It is said by the critics as one of the most historically correct film the industry has ever produced. An eloquent love story plotted on the background of World War One, Russian Civil war and the Russian Revolution. It is credited to be historically accurate as the period it has shown, the details they have portrayed, the cinematography everything turned out to be brilliant.

  • The character of Vasia in the novel: Well character ketch falls as one of the most handpicked topics for thesis paper. The character Vasia has been one of the most significant characters. It was created a symbol of political turbulence and rampant at the then time. His representation on screen has been two times. Maybe his efficacy against the plot is not so pronounced but thematically he has played a major role in the breakdown of the Russian economy. He also works for the revolution of social infrastructure.

  • Doctor Faustus as an Apollonian hero: Dr Faustus and his portrayal as a tragic and apollonian hero can be a very interesting topic for thesis. His character development shows one of the most supreme artistic and classy triumphs of English literature. Critics acknowledge it as a milestone in the English Literature history. The author has come up with some brilliant aspects that he showcased through him. However, when the reader finds that he diedin the pursuit of gaining knowledge by pushing the limits in spite of obvious constraints and, eventually, paying the severe most penalty of Death, he is considered to be a renaissance martyr and thus a tragic hero too.

Well choosing the topic for your thesis paper is a really hard task as your whole future depends on your particular work. Doctor Zhivago can be a great topic with so much to express and specially the effect of Wartime period. With a lot of potentials of each and every character it can pave path for so many topics for your thesis.

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