A List Of Outstanding Online Dissertation Topics

When marketing goes viral, it can be extended, or someone else can copy it, Marketing can be very rewarding in social, economic, and the political issues in society, its scope is very much broad in the modern world. In writing a dissertation, it is very much important for the writer to have proper information and data on the specified topic, the writer should make sure that the topic on which he/she is writing a dissertation, should not allow any sort of abuse to a brand or to a company. It is quite good for the writer to go out and observe things around.

The following are few subjects that can be involved in Market Dissertation and help students come up with their own ideas:

  • How can a brand get publicity for its products?
  • Does gender and age affect the marketing of a product?
  • Does advertising the brand on television or internet, help in bringing its market rate higher
  • What efforts do companies do to increase their brands importance?
  • Which brands can be best for adults, children or for men and women?
  • Do people get addicted to new brands that come in the market?
  • Can airlines be improved by feedbacks of people?
  • Can PlayStations for children be given a new look, by advertising?
  • How does visual constituency affect site identity and product attitude?
  • Can catchy phrases be good for brands to increase its market value?
  • Can investigation be good for fulfilling the security purpose of the brand?
  • Does the logo of a brand affect its advertising?
  • Does market rate of a brand increase or decrease with the rate of products?
  • Can the cost of any product, have an effect on the market rate, i.e. increase or decrease
  • Is there any difference between the fame of a product and the increased market value of a product?
  • Does online marketing help?
  • Does giving ads in magazines help?


Marketing can prove to be very successful for a brand, as people from around the world can get to know about the rewarding qualities of the brand itself, and its demerits. Therefore, in order to make a brand successful in the market, it is important to have its proper advertising done, publications and blogs on the web and proper workers, who work for the sake of the brand in the market. It is always good to advertise for every brand, even for kids, or grownups.

Set goals and reward yourself.

As you work on your project you should have goals in place to motivate you to finish in a timely manner. As you complete parts of your work you are getting closer to finishing your work according to your schedule. Maybe you can entice yourself to finish sooner if something was waiting for you upon completion. Make it something fun and enjoyable. It helps if it is something you may not usually enjoy. Make things interesting to encourage yourself to finish faster. You can at least consider trying to get your work done a week or so before your deadline.

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