List Of 22 Controversial History Dissertation Topics About The Cold War


After the end of World War 2, two new superpowers emerged namely the USSR and the USA. A Cold War would ensue between these two great countries which would last until the 90s and end with the break-up of the USSR. However, during this period of Cold War the world was divided into two blocks and what's so special about this war was that there was a war in every aspect except soldiers fighting with each other head to head. During this time, numerous ethical grounds were broken, and various scandals and controversies broke out. If you're planning to write a dissertation on the topic of Cold War and you are struggling with topics then worry no more as I will be posting down a list of 22 topics which you can write your Cold War dissertation on.

List of Topics:

Following is the list of topics that are directly or indirectly related to the Cold War.

  1. The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
  2. The Emergence of Taliban (Formerly known as Afghan Mujahideen)
  3. Kennedy’s impact on the Cold War
  4. Cuban Missile Crisis and Possibility of a new war
  5. The Iron Curtain speech by Churchill.
  6. The war between Iraq and Kuwait
  7. Crisis in the Middle- Easy
  8. The Korean War of 1951
  9. The USA's war in Vietnam
  10. USSR’s policy during the Cold War
  11. USA’s policy in the Cold War.
  12. The Nuclear Arms Race
  13. The U2 Incident
  14. UN’s role in the Cold War
  15. Soviet Block Vs. The Western Block
  16. The Space Race
  17. The collapse of the Soviet Union.
  18. The role of China during the Cold War.
  19. The role of Sub-Continental and Latin American Countries in the Cold War.
  20. The Colombian Drug War and M9 Guerilla Group
  21. Domino Theory and spread of Communism
  22. Red Scare of the 1950s


The topics mentioned above on this list are some of the most controversial topics and events that took place during the Cold War and changed the course of history. If you write your dissertation on any of these topics, then it is guaranteed that your write-up will be controversial and will lead to publicity whether good or bad. In addition to that, the topics are also relatively easy and with some effort, you can find all the necessary information you need.

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